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Mode 4 of GATS: Indian effort under lens of developed states

Recently India proposed simpler and more transparent qualification and licensing norms for temporary entry of professionals in other countries. India got support of LDCs, African countries and other developing countries in its effort for promoting easy movements of professionals. However, developed states like USA, EU, Australia, Canada & NEW Zealand have expressed their doubts on Indian initiative.

India is actually talking about Mode 4 of GATS.

General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) provides for 4 Modes of services:

Mode 1: Cross border supply, e.g. banking and architectural works transmitted through mails & telecommunication.

Mode 2: Consumption abroad e.g. tourists and patients gets service in another country

Mode-3: Commercial presence e.g. ownership or lease of premises in other members’ country

Mode-4:  Presence of natural persons e.g. movement of skilled persons from one country to another country. E.g accountants, doctors, teachers, etc.

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