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Quick shots for Prelims-2019: Polity-Judiciary


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IAS (Mains) 2018 Series: Is passing Ordinary Bill as Money Bill and Money Bill as Ordinary Bill, beyond Judicial Review?

Is passing Ordinary Bill as Money Bill and Money Bill as Ordinary Bill, beyond Judicial Review?

Question has two parts:

  • One when Money Bill is passed as Ordinary Bill and
  • Second when Ordinary Bill is passed as Money Bill


Are Parliamentary privileges absolute under Indian Constitution?

Privileges are special rights given to certain group or persons of importance so that they can perform their functions without any pressure.

Parliamentary privileges under Article 105 were given to enable Parliament and its members to discharge their function properly …

Triple Talaq: custom to law and grounds of illegality

Why Triple Talaq declared illegal?

Triple talaq is one of the methods of divorce as recognized by Shariat Act, 1937. Supreme Court, in its recent judgment has declared Talaq ul Biddat illegal.

Various arguments were given in its favour like…

Free and fair election: Proposals of Election Commission and its need

A free and fair election is necessary for

  • Healthy democracy
  • Responsible government
  • Corruption free nation
  • Efficient administration
  • World peace
  • Social cohesion
  • Inclusive growth
  • Social justice
  • Optimisation of human resource

Keeping all these in sight, the Election Commission has suggested several …

Justice C.N.V. Reddy’s removal bid failed

The motion to remove Andhra & Telangana High Court judge Justice C.V. Nagarjuna  Reddy failed for the second times, as 9 of the 54 Rajya  Sabha MPs  withdrew their signature.

Earlier bid failed in December, 2016, When 19 of the …

Mock Test Series for IAS – 2017: Polity-1

Q.1. Which of the following Articles of Indian Constitution makes a Governor of State sub-ordinate to the President of India?

  1. Article 154
  2. Article 155
  3. Article 156
  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. 2 & 3
  4. 1 & 2

Q.2. Who alone can …

Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS Paper-2

  1. Discuss the relevance of Section 123 (3) of the Representation of the Peoples Act in the present day Indian polity. Give your opinion to enhance its efficacy.
  2. “India can’t expect to hold down Russia to an exclusive relationship with itself”,

Inter-state dispute and Article 131

Article 131 of the Constitution Of India

Our Constitution provides several mechanisms, both judicial as well as extra judicial mechanisms, for the settlement of inter-State disputes or Union- State disputes, such as

The judicial mechanism

Article 131: Original jurisdiction of

Anti-defection Act and Supreme Court judgements

Anti-defection Act: Key points

  1. A member can be disqualified in two circumstances
  • If he/she has voluntarily given up his/her membership of such political party ; or
  • If he/she votes or abstains from voting in such House contrary to any direction
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