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“Cross Strait at Crossroad”: Dynamics of China- Taiwan relation

Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping warned Taiwan that “One China” is the ultimate goal of People’s Republic of China and China does not rule out the use of force. This warning came after the President of Taiwan, Ms. Tsai Ingwen …

Portugal – India: Geographical and Political Dimensions

Today Portugal supports almost all Indian efforts including UNSC permanent membership. It wants to become Gateway to Europe for India and Indian products.

Pointers on Portugal

  • Portugal is a sovereign country in the Iberian Peninsula.
  • It is the western most

United Military Observer Group in India- Pakistan (UNMOGIP)

UNMOGIP  had been constituted to maintain peace along the ceasefire line between India and Pakistan in Kshmir. It comprises of military observers, international and local civilian personnel. It is financed by the United Nations regular budget.


  • In August 1947,

India clears final hurdle to join MTCR, say diplomats

According to some western diplomats, “the members of the Missile Technology Control Regime have agreed to admit India, under the ‘silent procedure’”. The deadline for members of the 34-nation group to object to India’s admission had expired on Monday without …

India’s Chabahar port plan: China’s expected reaction

According to Chinese media, India’s plan to develop Chabahar port is to counter Pakistan—China plan to develop Gwadar port. They see it not as an economic adventure; rather they see it as geo-political strategy of India.

However, they believe that …

Is Sykes-Picot pact responsible for present Middle East tension?

In its 100th year, Sykes-Picot pact was remembered, not for the brokered peace but for the long term tension that filled every sphere of life in the Middle East. It was actually a pact to satisfy the colonial greed …

Falkland Islands in Argentinian waters: United Nations committee

The UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf has expanded Argentina’s maritime territory to include the waters surrounding the Falkland Islands.

This decision was welcomed by Argentina, and gives the country fresh impetus in its continued claims to …

Nuclear Security Summit and India: opportunity & constraints

The fourth Nuclear Security Summit to be held in Washington, D.C. from March 31-April 1, 2016, gains importance from the fact that

  1. It will be the fourth and last for its proposer, President Barack Obama, who launched it in Washington

Roaring Asian giants: will India succeed

Rise of India and extra-ordinary rise of East Asian Tigers have completely transformed the world political chess board arrangement. Intense political rivalry has shifted from Europe to Asia. All new political and economic alignments are taking place in this zone. …

India to host military exercise with 18 ASEAN Plus countries in March

India to host military exercise with 18 ASEAN Plus countries in March

As part of the India’s Look East policy, the Indian army is set to conduct one of the largest multi-national military exercises from March 2 to 8 in …

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