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2nd Satellite crossed solar limit

On 10th of December, 2018, Voyager-2 became second man made object to enter interstellar space, after Voyager-1. 

Voyager-1 crossed the Heliosphere and its outer limit heliopause on 25th August, 2012 to become 1st spacecraft to enter interstellar space, beyond

Indian Monsoon: new parameters

Monsoon wind, that decides the ups and downs of Indian economy, is itself guided by various dynamic factors. The complexity of its mechanism is increasing day by day with the global warming and fast changing climate of the world.


Mumbai: the making of Global City


MUMBAI Mumbaicitydistricts

                                                    MUMBAI-PAST         MUMBAI-PRESENT

Points to remember

  • Mumbai is built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands, viz. Bombay, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli and Old Women’s island (also known as Little Colaba).

Walker Cell & Modoki: mechanism & impact


Walker Cell refers to air circulation in the Troposphere of Tropics. Unlike Hadley Cell of this region that blows between different latitudes it follows particular latitude near Equator only.

Mechanism of Walker Cell

  • It is caused

Portugal – India: Geographical and Political Dimensions

Today Portugal supports almost all Indian efforts including UNSC permanent membership. It wants to become Gateway to Europe for India and Indian products.

Pointers on Portugal

  • Portugal is a sovereign country in the Iberian Peninsula.
  • It is the western most

Nilgiri Hills: Some facts

Salient features of Nilgiri Hills

  • It forms parts of Western Ghat shared among Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.
  • Its northern boundary is formed by Moyar River and southern boundary by Pal Ghat
  • Moyar River separates it from Karnataka Plateau while

Maritime Zones and World Geopolitics

With the sustained efforts of U.N.O., we finally converged to a point acceptable to all most all. However, growing relevance of sea route, ocean resources and strategic significance of oceans have again increased rivalry over oceans.

Maritime zones as defined

Mesosphere: events of interests

Mesosphere is generally considered as non-event zone with the decreasing temperature with the increasing height. However, there are certain features or events that are unique to this layer of atmosphere. They are

Noctilucent Cloud:

  • They are weak cloud like

Stratosphere: a new look explanation for typical events

Why high speed jets/ aircraft prefer Stratosphere?

  • Commercial airlines typically fly at altitudes of 9–12 km (30,000–39,000 ft) which is in the lower reaches of the stratosphere in temperate latitudes. This optimizes fuel efficiency, mostly due to
  1. The low temperatures

Geography Series-1/30 for IAS Prelims-2017: Small rivers in news

Small rivers of India in news

  1. Torsa River: origin-Chumbi valley in Tibet as Machu, flows into Bhutan as Amo Chu and enters West Bengal. It passes through Jaldapara National Park in West Bengal. Torsa meets Kaljani and Kaljani meets Jamuna
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