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Sample Questions for GS (Mains)-Paper-2 for Civil Services-2016

Q.1. “Joining Hague Code of Conduct and MTCR assures Indian security”, comment in the light of various nuclear deal of India.

Q.2. Do you think UNMOGIP has outlived its utility?

Q.3. In recent days, role of transport and connectivity have …


Q.1. What are the impacts of Demonetization on the health of commercial banks and NBFCs? Do you think, it will have any impact the EMI of consumer?

Q.2. Government has recently increased MSP for certain food grains. Why MSP increase …

Civil Services-Mains Test series: GS Paper-1

GS (Mains), Paper-1/2016


Total marks: 250

Time Allowed: 3:00 hour                                                         

Question paper specific instruction

  • All questions are compulsory
  • The number of marks carried by a question/ part is indicated against it.
  • Answer must be written in the medium authorized

News based socio-economic issues for IAS Mains-2016

Q.1. “Collapse of cultural rigidities leads to the origin of Nationalism at greater horizon”, explain the statement making comparison between the common heritage of Indian Sub-Continent and diverging cultural traits of Europe.

Q.2. “Recent judgment on copyright, with regard to

Current based economic and IR wizard for IAS-Mains, 2016

  1. “Science, politics and development” analyze their relationship in the light of “Mustard Satyagrah”. Do you think conflict will support sustainability?
  2. “Focus should be shifted from Tax Rate to Tax Base”, comment. Elaborate the role of Project Insight in this direction.

Kashmir tangle for IAS-Mains-2016

Q.1. Do you think Indus River gives an upper edge to India with respect to Pakistan in regional politics? Discuss the pros and cones in case India nullifies Indus Water Treaty?

Q.2. “Kashmir is neither a multilateral nor bilateral …

Yojana based test series for IAS-Mains-2016-IV- North-East India

Q.1. “North-East is the Gateway to Act East Policy and South East Asia is the key to infrastructural connectivity for North-East”, comment in the light of their potential and possibilities.

Q.2. “Skill development is the key to inclusive …

News based GS Test for IAS Mains-2016- International Relation

Q.1. “LEMOA sacrificed Strategic Military Neutrality”, comment in the light of strengthening Indo-US relation. Also analyse its possible impact on world geo-politics.

Q.2. “A new geo-political alignment is taking shape in South Asia”, elaborate the statement highlighting the importance …

GS Mains Test-2016: Questions on current Economic issues

Q.1. “Foreign investors began to feel the heat of GAAR”, critically analyse the statement making reference to specific tax treaties. Do you see any change in composition and direction of FDI towards India?

Q.2. “GST will make Indian economy more …

News based polity test series for IAS-Mains-2016

Q.1. “ Delhi as state is neither viable nor practical”, comment in the light of recent judgements.

Q.2. “Governor’s post is both constitutional and political”, explain the statement making your point clear with special reference to its removal and appointment.…

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