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International puzzle: Trump dump and political tsunami

Q.1. “Trump’s recent step on immigration ban from 7 countries requires additional and more specific step to align with India’s geo-political interest”, comment. Will it come in near future? What do you think this will be? 

Q.2. “Targeting Muslims will


Q.1. Universal Basic Income is neither viable nor desirable in the present Indian economic scenario”, comment. Do you think it will be a political game changer for Modi government.

Q.2. Should government target primary deficit or fiscal deficit? Give your



“Countries with populist or autocratic leaders, instead of tackling crony capitalism, those leaders usually install even worse forms of corrupt systems.”Transparency International. 

Analyse the statement in the light of emergence of populist leaders like Modi, Putin

Indian Budget in historical perspective

Q.1. The first Union budget of independent India was presented by

  1. K. Shanmugam Chetty
  2. D. Deshmukh
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru
  4. Moraji Desai

Q.2. The first finance minister to present the Union Budget on either side of an election was

  1. Moraji Desai
  2. Jawaharlal

Jallikattu puzzle for IAS Prelims-2017

Q.1. Jallikattu is celebrated on

  1. Bhogi Pongal day
  2. Maatu Pongal day
  3. Thai Pongal day
  4. Kaanum Pongal day

Q.2. Pongal is celebrated during the Tamil months of

  1. Kārttikai and Thai
  2. Maargazhi and Thai.
  3. Māsi and Maargazhi
  4. Maargazhi and Kārttikai

Q.3. The

Economic quotes of the week for IAS (Mains)

Q.1. “World needs India’s sustained rise as much as India needs it”, examine the relevance of this statement of PM Modi.

Q.2. “Excess of Globalization is against sustainable world economic progress”, do you agree with this statement of Chinese President,

Trump’s impact: Economic and political puzzle

Q.1. Which of the following scheme of arrangements are considered against the Pharmaceutical companies of India?

  1. TRIPS Plus
  2. Section 301 of US Trade Act
  3. TCEP
  4. TPP
  5. CVD
  1. All
  2. 1,2,3 & 4
  3. 2 & 3
  4. 3 & 4

Q.2. H1B Visa …

Israel and Middle East: a puzzle

Q.1. Which of the following areas never came under Israeli control?

  1. Golan Height
  2. West Bank
  3. Kurdish Iraq
  4. Sinai Peninsula

Q.2. Camp David Agreement was signed between Israel and

  1. Syria
  2. Jordan
  3. Philistine
  4. Egypt

Q.3. Yom Kippur War was fought between Israel …

Section 123(3), Hindutva & Representation of The Peoples Act: the puzzle corner

Q.1. According to the recent Judgment of SC, delivered on 2 January, 2017, the term ‘his religion’ used in section 123(3) of the Representation of The Peoples (RP) Act, include

  1. Voters
  2. Candidates
  3. Candidates’ agents
  4. Any person with candidate’s consent


Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Quiz for competitive exams

Q.1. Pearl Harbor was attacked

  1. By Japan during First World War
  2. By Germany during First World War
  3. By Japan during Second World War
  4. By Germany during Second World War

Q.2. The Greatest effect of Pearl Harbor attack was

  1. US entry
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