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Category Archives: 2018-03-March

Economic Survey Series-3: MSP- limitations and challenges in its calculation

Methodology for cost calculation of MSP

Government of India established Commission for Agricultural Cost and Pricing in 1965 (as Agriculture Price Commission and renamed in 1985) to recommend minimum price for various agriculture produce to optimize the use of resources …

Economic Survey Series-2: Unwanted Girls, Missing Women and Demographic Bubble

Demographic bubble refers to the sex related distortions in the human society that itself endangers human existence.

Before going into details we must understand some of the terms which help explain this syndrome.

“Meta son preference”: It refers to …

Economic Survey Series-1: Decoupling of Indian growth from world economy



Decoupling refers to the reversal of usual relationship between two parameters. In economics, different parameters have well defined relationships, however, under certain condition, such defined relationship is reversed. This reversal of relationship is termed “Decoupling”

The present decoupling

Price Support to Farmer: The Indian mechanism to avert crisis

Price support refers to the minimum remunerative price as promised by a government to the farmers.

Features of Price support

  1. It is the floor price set by the government
  2. It keeps the market price well above the competitive equilibrium price
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