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Minsky Moment

Minsky Moment refers to a sudden collapse of asset values as part of the credit cycle of expansion and contraction of access to credit over time. This moment starts in the period of stability that encourages risk appetite. High risk …

Mock Test for GS (Mains): Geography

  1. Tropical Cyclones over Bay of Bengal show great seasonal variations. Discuss its mechanism. How such variations are different from that of Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean? What are the impacts of Madden- Julian Oscillation over cyclones of Bay of Bengal?

Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS-II

  1. “Judicial activism in social sphere is a welcome trend”, comment in the light of some of the recent judgments. Why such activism in political sphere affairs is opposed to by some? Do you agree with such oppositions?
  2. “Removal of limit

Indian Monsoon: new parameters

Monsoon wind, that decides the ups and downs of Indian economy, is itself guided by various dynamic factors. The complexity of its mechanism is increasing day by day with the global warming and fast changing climate of the world.


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