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India and Germany in historical perspective

Use of Swastika by Nazi Germany during 2nd World War shows some deep seated relation between India and Germany from the past. During both World Wars, German government gave indirect help to Revolutionary Movement in India’s freedom struggle.


Basel norms and Indian reality

Basel accord refers to a set of agreement by members of Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) which mainly focuses on risks to banks and the financial system. At different stages it devised various tools like CASA, RWA, LEVERAGE RATIO, …

Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS-I-Society


  1. Why regionalism is considered against the concept of nationalism? Do you think it a positive thought for nation building?
  2. Do you think globalization has strengthened and supported women empowerment in India? Discuss various fields where women benefitted and those where

Triple Talaq: custom to law and grounds of illegality

Why Triple Talaq declared illegal?

Triple talaq is one of the methods of divorce as recognized by Shariat Act, 1937. Supreme Court, in its recent judgment has declared Talaq ul Biddat illegal.

Various arguments were given in its favour like…

Demonetisation: meaning, strength & weaknesses


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Mock Test for Civil Services (Mains), 2017: GS-III- Economics

  1. Xiamen BRICS Summit opened the door for new CRA of BRICS. What is its need? Do you see any change in investment environment for emerging economy? What are the reasons given by Big 3 which downgrades India?
  2. Demonetisation move was

Mock Test for Civil Services (Mains), 2017: GS Paper-2-Constitution, Polity & Social Justice

  1. “The controversy over Triple Talaq was more a gender issue than a legal matter”, comment. On what grounds the 5 judge bench of Supreme Court declared it illegal? Give your suggestions in favour of enactment of law in this regard.
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