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Portugal – India: Geographical and Political Dimensions

Today Portugal supports almost all Indian efforts including UNSC permanent membership. It wants to become Gateway to Europe for India and Indian products.

Pointers on Portugal

  • Portugal is a sovereign country in the Iberian Peninsula.
  • It is the western most

Nilgiri Hills: Some facts

Salient features of Nilgiri Hills

  • It forms parts of Western Ghat shared among Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.
  • Its northern boundary is formed by Moyar River and southern boundary by Pal Ghat
  • Moyar River separates it from Karnataka Plateau while

Maritime Zones and World Geopolitics

With the sustained efforts of U.N.O., we finally converged to a point acceptable to all most all. However, growing relevance of sea route, ocean resources and strategic significance of oceans have again increased rivalry over oceans.

Maritime zones as defined

Answer Key for Civil Services Prelims-2017

Answer Key for Civil Services Prelims-2017



  1. Question wise answers will be published on 19.06.17
  2. Answers of Polity and History are left blank and will be published later
1- 2-A 3-D 4-D 5-B 6-A

Justice C.N.V. Reddy’s removal bid failed

The motion to remove Andhra & Telangana High Court judge Justice C.V. Nagarjuna  Reddy failed for the second times, as 9 of the 54 Rajya  Sabha MPs  withdrew their signature.

Earlier bid failed in December, 2016, When 19 of the …

Mesosphere: events of interests

Mesosphere is generally considered as non-event zone with the decreasing temperature with the increasing height. However, there are certain features or events that are unique to this layer of atmosphere. They are

Noctilucent Cloud:

  • They are weak cloud like

Stratosphere: a new look explanation for typical events

Why high speed jets/ aircraft prefer Stratosphere?

  • Commercial airlines typically fly at altitudes of 9–12 km (30,000–39,000 ft) which is in the lower reaches of the stratosphere in temperate latitudes. This optimizes fuel efficiency, mostly due to
  1. The low temperatures

GS Test Series-5/2017 for IAS Prelims-2017

Q.1. Relative humidity in the higher latitude increase due to

  1. Increasing water holding capacity of air
  2. Decreasing water holding capacity of air
  3. Increasing moisture in the air
  4. Decreasing moisture in the air
  1. Only 2
  2. 2 & 3
  3. 1 &
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