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Economic Survey 2017 Series-6: Two India- White Tigers and Non-White Tigers

TWO INDIA: White Tigers and others

“….an India of Light and an India of Darkness………..Every place on map of India near Oceans is well off. But the rivers bring darkness to India.”  The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga

The above …

Geography Series-1/30 for IAS Prelims-2017: Small rivers in news

Small rivers of India in news

  1. Torsa River: origin-Chumbi valley in Tibet as Machu, flows into Bhutan as Amo Chu and enters West Bengal. It passes through Jaldapara National Park in West Bengal. Torsa meets Kaljani and Kaljani meets Jamuna

Science & Technology Series-1/30 for IAS-2017: Chandrayan-1 rediscovered

NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory has found India’s lost Chandrayan-1 orbiting moon.

Facts about Chandrayan-1:

  1. Launched on 22nd October, 2008 on PSLV-XL-C11 rocket.
  2. ISRO lost communication with Chandrayan-1 on August 29.2009.
  3. It operated for only 312 days, against the targeted

Economic Survey 2017 Series-5: Vulnerables and Inclusive growth

Inclusive growth can never be achieved without the development of all sections of societies, particularly the vulnerable sections. Several steps and schemes have been launched since independence to promote development of weaker sections of society.

Schemes for Minority 

  1. Nai Roshni

Economic Survey 2017 Series-4: UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME

Universal Basic Income has three components:

  1. Universality
  2. Unconditionality
  3. Agency (by providing support in the form of cash transfers to respect, not to dictate the recipients).

Objectives of UBI:

  1. To achieve social justice: minimum income assures guarantee of a minimum decent

Economic Survey 2017 Series-3: Cyclical Policy- India and Advanced Economies

Global crisis, financial management and India

Cyclical policy

It refers to the government’s approach towards spending and taxation during different cyclical economy

Pro cyclical policy

It refers to the government policy of

  • Increasing spending and reducing taxes during boom period
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