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SC bans sale and registration of Bharat Stage-III vehicles

The Supreme Court of India has banned the sale and registration of vehicles that do not comply with BS IV emission norms from 1 April. The apex court observed that the “health of the people is more important than the …

Okinotorishima and EEZ: Dispute and relevance


  1. Is a Japanese uninhabited coral atoll
  2. Its dry land area is mostly made up by three concrete encasings
  3. It houses a Japanese research station.
  4. It is located on the Palau- Kyushu Ridgein the Philippines Sea, Pacific Ocean.
  5. After Japan’s

Union Cabinet approved the National Health Policy 2017

The new policy will replace the 2002 Health Policy, which was preceded by the first National Health Policy of independent India in 1983.

The policy proposes that the government undertake an increase in health expenditure as a percentage of GDP …

Mock Test for IAS (Mains), 2017: GS Paper-2

  1. Discuss the relevance of Section 123 (3) of the Representation of the Peoples Act in the present day Indian polity. Give your opinion to enhance its efficacy.
  2. “India can’t expect to hold down Russia to an exclusive relationship with itself”,

History and Culture wizard for IAS (Mains), 2017

Q.1. “While some Englishmen were battling at home for improvements in Parliament and reforms in religion, others were adventuring across the Atlantic to establish colonies and trade in the Americas”. Was this their confusion of thought or their double standard?…

S & T wizard for IAS (Prelims)

Q.1. Scramjet engine designed by ISRO uses

  1. Hydrogen as fuel
  2. Almosphoric Oxygen as oxidizer
  3. Both a & b
  4. None of the above

Q.2. According to ecological science, pests are created/ recreated due to

  1. Promotion of monocultures
  2. Chemical fertilization makes plants

Security related issues for Essay Paper of GS (Mains)

Q.1. Nationalism can’t  assure national security 

Q.2. Socio-economic exploitation and Academic link of Maoism

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INS Viraat puzzle for IAS Prelims-2017

Q.1. INS Viraat was originally commissioned as

  1. Admiral Gorshkov
  2. HMS Hermes
  3. HMS Hercules
  4. HMS Endeavour

Q.2. Which of the following Indian aircraft carrier took part in Falkland War?

  1. INS Vikrant
  2. INS Viraat
  3. INS Vikramadity
  4. INS Vishal

Q.6. Which of the …

Essay topics of the week for IAS (Mains)-2017

Q.1. Freedom of speech does not give you freedom after speech

Q.2. State should not enter the mind of people but the heart of people

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Economic wizard for IAS Prelims-2017

Q.1.Occupational pattern in India is fast changing. This is mainly due to

  1. Growth of tertiary sector
  2. Increase in non-farm activities
  3. Education
  4. Increased migration in rural India
  5. Resource-population imbalance in rural India.
  1. All
  2. 1,2,3 & 4
  3. 2,3,4 & 5
  4. 2,4
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