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Digital payment quiz for IAS Prelims-2017

Q.1. Which of the following digital payment services does not require internet connection?

  1. BHIM
  2. NUUP
  3. Bharat QR
  4. UPI

Q.2.  Which of the following is not an app but a service?

  1. BHIM
  2. Bharat QR
  3. UPI
  1. All
  2. 1 & 2
  3. 2 &


UPSC has published the notification for Civil Services Exam 2017.

To apply go to

Date of exam: 18 June, 2017

Number of vacancies: 980

Last date to apply online: 17.03.17 (18:00 hrs)


1.      Age: 21 years to …

Wednesday test for IAS (Mains): Paper-II

Time Allowed: 1:30 hour


Maximum marks: 100

Q.1. “A new look Indo-Taiwan relation is to counter CPEC and OBOR: Chinese media”, do you agree with the statement? What are the economic needs on either side?

Q.2.Do you think that

Details of Polity Test (Mains) to be held on Wednesday

  1. Salient features of Indian society, Diversity of India
  2. Role of women organisation
  3. Population associated issues, poverty & urbanisation related problems & their remedies
  4. Globalisation and its impact
  5. Socialism, communalism & regionalism

Polity wizard for IAS Prelims, 2017

Q.1. Which of the following Articles of Indian Constitution makes a Governor of State sub-ordinate to the President of India?

  1. Article 154
  2. Article 155
  3. Article 156
  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. 2 & 3
  4. 1 & 2

Q.3. Ordinance can be …

Current issues of internal Security

Q.1. “India is more insecure from within than from outside”, critically evaluate the statement in the light of recent statement of our Army Chief. Do you think too much liberal policy is responsible for the present crisis in Jammu & …

Essay and analytical issue for IAS (Mains)

India is playing with fire by challenging the one-China policy: Global Times”, critically analyze the statement and also evaluate India’s changing foreign policy as also its compulsions in dynamic world geopolitics.

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ISRO sets world record with the launch of 104 satellites in one go

Indian Space Research Organisation scripted history with the successful launch of 104 satellites on a single rocket PSLV-C37.  It broke the record of 37 satellites launch in one go by Russian Space Agency in 2014. India improved its own record …

Polity puzzle for IAS Prelims-2017

Q.1. Disqualification on ground of defection does not apply in the case 

  1. Of merger provided not less than two-thirds of the members of the legislature party concerned have agreed to such merger.
  2. Some members do not accept the merger and

Budget wizard for IAS Mains- Essay & GS-III

Q.1. ‘Parallel economy is not acceptable in inclusive society’, comment and analyse the statement of FM Arun Jaitly in the light of

       a. Inclusive democracy

       b. Inclusive growth

       c. Inclusive opportunity

Q.2. ‘A beginning has been made to end

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