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Broad strategy

General strategy

  • Adopt integrated approach for whole examination.
  • Never think of Pre and Mains separately.
  • Always take the early lead, i.e. never say it’s too early to start preparation.
  • Aimless hard work may lead you nowhere. Planned strategy is required for success.

Strategy for Preliminary Exam

  • Conceptual analysis.
  • Detailed news analysis.
  • Small facts to be remembered according to news.
  • Past events and concepts based on present news.
  • First time reading should be completed before January every year so as to get sufficient time for the revision of papers.

So, we devote maximum time on news analysis and concept development classes

Strategy for Mains Exam:

  • In-depth study.
  • Detailed analysis of each issue.
  • Regular writing practice.
  • Developing ethical approach and strategy.
  • Reading editorials of various news papers, Yojana and Krukshetra.
  • Best time to start: First reading before December ( of last year) and second reading just after Prelims.

         So, we emphasize on group discussion, leadership building session and writing skill development session.

Strategy for Interview:

  • Group discussion with point wise analysis.
  • Daily news updates.
  • Best time to start: Just after Mains.

Strategy for selection of Optional:

  • Your interest in the subject.
  • Academic record and availability of time.
  • Availability of resource.
  • Benefit in the GS.
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